The 12th

Oct 27(Wed) – 28(Thu), Online Conference

About KHA

Lead the world's medical services beyond Korea

Since its establishment in 1959, the Korean Hospital Association has taken on leadership role in driving innovation to advance the health of individuals and communities

Korean Hospital Association Purpose of establishment
The Korean Hospital Association aims to contribute to national health and welfare through driving improvement in hospital management and invest in research and education thereby improving the ability of its members to deliver high quality health care
Our Motto
  • K-Healthy Life
  • Trustworthy Hospital
  • A Future-Leading Association
Main Business Area

K-Healthy Life

Strive to build a safe hospital with national health as our top priority

  • Joint Response with Government to National Disasters
    • 2003 SARS : SARS Special Internal Committee formed
    • 2009년 H1N1 Influenza : H1N1 Influenza response headquarter formed in consultation with both private and public councils
    • 2015 MERS : MERS Situation Room operated with public-private joint participation
  • Domestic and foreign social contribution activities
    • Medical services in rural and underserved area
    • Disaster relief activities and voluntary services
    • Social contribution activities with related organizations
  • Korea Healthcare Congress(KHC)
    • 1964 : Started as Hospital Management Conference
    • 1969 : Korean Society of Hospital Management founded
    • 1985 : Established as General Conference on Hospital Management
    • 2010 : New Name : Korea Healthcare Congress
    • 2010 : Celebrated the 10th Korea Healthcare Congress
  • K-Hospital Fair(KHF)
    • 1985 : Started as an accessory event during General Conference on Hospital Management
    • 2007 : Expanded in scale after IHF General Assembly in Seoul
    • 2014 : Developed into an International Exhibition
    • 2019 : Gained International reputation as medical and healthcare equipment exhibition

Trustworthy Hospital

Predict the future of member hospitals and lead the development of technology

  • Korean medicine in the world
    • The Strength of the Korean Medical System
      • Korea is emerging as a new leader on the global healthcare market through quality services, advanced medical technologies, relatively affordable medical costs, fast and efficient diagnostics and therapeutic services, cutting-edge hardware and IT-based infrastructure.
    • World Class Hospital Information Systems
      • Known for having the best technology in IT-based Hospital Information System. Korean-made hospital IT systems are now being adopted worldwide including USA, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.
      • Best Care 2.0 of Bundang Seoul National University Hospital gained stage 7 certification from HINSS(An International Hospital Information System Certification body)
  • Korean Medical Services Go Global
    • Overseas expansion : (2010) 58 locations → (2015) 141 locations
      • Grows at an annual average rate of 19.4%
  • Great accessibility, Affordable and Safe
    • The Korean government has the certification policy for hospitals receiving foreign patients to guarantee a high level of medical services for them.
    • In Korea, patients can receive high quality of health care and treatments at affordable prices through cutting-edge hardware and infrastructure.

A Future-Leading Association

Implement a policy guidance platform based on a healthy medical system

  • Active Participation in government policy and system improvement
    • 01 Participation in Policy Development
      • Acceptance of Government Project → Expanding role toward policy proposal
    • 02 Involvement in Government Commissioned Project
      • 1959, Hospital Status Survey conducted
      • 1962, Hospital Facilities Standards legliazed화
      • 1972, Saemaeul Medical Treatment Project
    • Policy Proposal
      • 1963, Revision of Labor Law for the Labor Movement of Severance Hospital
        ※ Severance Hospital : Korea's First Union Formation
      • 1966, Demand for the adjustment of automobile insurance cost
  • Various participation in government policy making
  • Future medical manpower training
    • Professional Training : Overseeing Graduate Medical Training and Evaluation
    • Talent Management : Provide continuos training and education for physicians, nurses and hospital staffs
    • Knowledge Sharing : Provide overseas training and hospital visits for members and hospital staffs for networking opportunities